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The clothing industry employs a significant number of people throughout the state of Hawaii. While the work at clothing manufacturing facilities and other businesses can be rewarding, it can also be dangerous. No work is risk-free, and clothing production jobs come with considerable dangers.

If you’ve been injured on the job as a clothing manufacturer, an experienced Hawaii workers’ compensation lawyer can help you. Contact Recovery Law Center to let us manage your claim.

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Sources of Workplace Injuries in the Clothing Business

Injuries to clothing manufacturers can take a range of forms, but most fall into basic categories that are grouped by the source of the accident.

The fabric machinery

The massive machines that weave fabrics are finely tuned, precise, but dangerous when they’re mishandled. Many work-related injuries in the clothing industry are caused by machinery-related accidents. They are often the cause of the injured employees not receiving adequate training to begin with, or the employees operating the machinery while fatigued from an excessive number of hours on the job.

Prolonged exposure to fibers and dust

The process of creating fabrics creates significant fiber and cotton dust that employees are exposed to on a regular basis. These airborne irritants can lead to serious respiratory conditions that include chronic bronchitis and byssinosis (brown lung). For those employees who’ve been exposed to asbestos, which was common for clothing industry workers in the past, the matter is that much more serious.


Like other kinds of factory work, jobs in clothing manufacturing plants often include long hours of performing strenuous tasks over and over again. This can lead to overexertion injuries such as losing mobility in the limbs, strains and sprains, and in some cases heat exhaustion, which can be fatal. The more hours spent performing the same task without a break, the more serious the injuries are likely to be.

Extended periods of standing

Many workers in the clothing industry stand for prolonged periods on hard, unyielding surfaces that can lead to tendonitis, joint pain, inflammation, and more. When shifts are long, and breaks are few, the effects can be even more pronounced.

Compensation Available for Clothing Industry Workers in HI

Workers’ compensation covers clothing producers – and all other employees – in Hawaii. The system bypasses the matter of establishing negligence. This means you won’t need to prove your employer’s negligence in order to recover compensation for your claim, but in the process, you also give up the right to sue your employer for more comprehensive coverage.

If you’ve been injured in the course of your work as a clothing manufacturer, you can seek compensation in both of the following important categories:

  • Up to a specific percentage of your current earnings
  • All of your necessary medical care

It’s important to note that although workers’ compensation insurance is designed to expedite the claims process in the protection of your rights, obtaining the compensation to which you are entitled will not be easy.

The workers’ compensation insurance provider is invested in bolstering its profits, which translates to keeping your settlement low. After you experience an injury as a clothing manufacturer, contacting a skilled Hawaii workers’ compensation lawyer is to your advantage.

How to Start a Claim

There are several things you should do — and several things you shouldn’t — to protect your legal rights after an injury in the clothing injury.

Steps you should take

Some of the most important steps you can take in support of your health and your workers’ comp claim after being injured on the job include the following:

  • Get checked out by a doctor as quickly as possible and carefully follow their advice and instructions.
  • Let your manager, supervisor, or employer know that you were injured at work as soon as it’s possible to do so. This begins the workers’ compensation claim process.
  • Consult with a trusted work injury lawyer early in the process.

Things to avoid

While your workers’ compensation claim is pending, the workers’ compensation insurance provider will almost certainly try to get you to say something they can use against you. They may even monitor your social media or hire a private investigator to observe you.

Rather than provide them with the opportunity, remember to refrain from:

  • Making a statement to the insurance provider – your attorney can take care of that.
  • Posting on social media.
  • Doing anything that could indicate your injuries are less serious than you claim.
Recovery Law Center of Hawaii

Legal Help for Injured Clothing Manufacturers in Hawaii

The dedicated legal team at Recovery Law Center is committed to helping you recover compensation for your losses in all the following ways:

  • Skillfully gathering and weaving the available evidence into your strongest claim
  • Engaging in constant negotiations with the insurance company to obtain a settlement that honors your rights and best interests
  • Helping you successfully navigate the workers’ compensation process – and making the right decisions for yourself and for your claim

Consult with an Experienced Hawaii Clothing Manufacturing Injury Lawyer

The Hawaii workers’ compensation lawyers at Recovery Law Center are well-prepared to work for you in pursuing a favorable settlement that fairly addresses your losses. For more information, please contact us online or call us at 808-427-3088 today.

Workers’ Compensation Claim FAQs

Can employers ever be sued in relation to work accidents?

Only when an employer’s wrongdoing is egregious in nature can an employee sue them in a personal injury case.

How do I prove my injuries are work-related?

This is a matter that is best left in the capable hands of your lawyer, who will argue the matter via the available evidence and careful legal maneuvering.

Am I required to have an attorney?

Having a skilled attorney in your corner can significantly improve the outcome of your claim.


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