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Experienced Legal Help After a Work Injury

There are several ways that a Hawaii workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you with your case. There may be an issue or even multiple issues that are making it difficult for you to receive your benefits. Our legal team can identify these problems and protect your legal interests.

We can help with issues such as:

  • I reported my injury, but the employer won’t take my report
  • My employer says I’m an independent contractor and not an employee
  • I don’t know what’s required of me to protect my right to benefits
  • They’re saying my injuries are not work related
  • Wage benefits have been calculated improperly
  • I need a hearing but I don’t know how to request one
  • They’ve stopped my benefits
  • I’m not sure what types of compensation I deserve or if it’s being calculated correctly
  • Light duty isn’t being handled correctly
  • They’re not giving me the medical care I deserve, or they want me back at work prematurely
  • I need to appeal an unfavorable decision

To get the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve, you need to know what you deserve and how to claim it. If there are issues or questions in the case, it’s important to address them in the right way.

Our lawyers offer complete representation. With 25 years of experience, we have a track record of success helping people like you. Contact us to talk about the issues in your case and how we can assist you.

Workers’ compensation and third-party claims

Having the right to benefits under the workers’ compensation system doesn’t necessarily prevent you from bringing a third-party claim. It’s possible that another party was negligent. They may have legal liability under another legal theory.

There are important things to know and do if there is a third-party claim in addition to a workers’ compensation claim. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in cases that involve both paths to compensation. We can assist you with this type of situation.

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At our law firm, Amy is committed to providing her clients with the highest quality legal representation.  Her extensive experience, coupled with her dedication for her work make her an invaluable asset to our team.
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Why Choose Recovery Law Center?

Recovery Law Center is a team of accomplished lawyers serving individuals and families throughout Hawaii. We believe that injured workers deserve the benefits that they are due under the law.

Here are some reasons that people choose our law firm for their workers’ compensation case:

  • We handle workers’ compensation claims, representing clients throughout Hawaii
  • Representation is available at any stage of the process. Whether you are just starting a case or you have reached a stumbling block, we can represent your interests
  • Since workers’ compensation claims often depend on detailed medical information, we have the professions to present the needed information
  • Each case is thoroughly researched. We start by listening to you and your story
  • Free consultations for anyone who think that they may need a lawyer
  • Answers to your questions and explanations of what to expect at each stage in the case

Law firm founder Glenn Honda was born and raised in Hawaii. He is proud to represent the people who work in the state when they are hurt.

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