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About The Book

Following the “suggestion” of his mother, Glenn Honda became an attorney. It’s a funny story that you’ll read about in Chapter 1. Practicing law has become more than a career for Glenn; it’s his passion. Glenn serves people who have been injured through no fault of their own. Glenn works with big cases and small cases because he knows that people’s lives are affected and they need help.

In this book, Glenn shares the different types of cases he can help with, and some stories from clients he has served. Here’s what Glenn says about why he wrote this book. “While I have the experience and know-how to be a big-box law firm, I choose to remain a small firm. Why? We are here to help injured people find justice. For me, that means taking the time to really listen to each individual’s story.

You may not know Glenn Honda now, but by reading this book you will come to know the man who has gained the admiration and respect of his clients and peers. When you are involved in a personal injury accident you need a personal injury attorney who will listen to you, care for you, and represent you well. You’ll find all of those when you work with Glenn Honda, so Don’t Settle For Less.

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Glenn T. Honda

As the founding attorney of the Recovery Law Center, Glenn is passionate about finding the best possible outcome for his clients [...] Meet Glenn

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