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Hawaii Airline Workplace Injury Lawyer

If you have been hurt while working in aviation, talk to a Hawaii airline workplace injury lawyer at Recovery Law Center. You may qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits and other compensation.

Have a knowledgeable, professional workers’ compensation lawyer on your side. Contact our lawyers for airline job injuries today for your consultation.

Legal Representation for Injured Airline Workers

19 million passengers traveled through Hawaii’s airports in 2019. (State of Hawaii, Airport Activity Statistics). People come from all over the world to enjoy what Hawaii has to offer. Unfortunately, aviation is a hazardous industry.

Anyone working for an airline may be hurt on the job, including:

  • Flight crew, pilots and flight attendants
  • Ground crew, ramp workers
  • Ticket and gate agents
  • Cleaners
  • Caterers, fuelers and other related workers
  • Baggage makeup and recovery workers
  • Auditors and safety management personnel
  • Customer service personnel
  • Corporate management

Each role is critical to the operation – and each role carries its own risk of injury. If you have been hurt while employed in aviation, workers’ compensation benefits may provide the help that you need.

However, the insurance companies often downplay injuries and minimize claims. Aviation work is physically challenging – you need comprehensive medical care and time to rest.

Maybe you know that you aren’t receiving the compensation you deserve. Maybe you aren’t sure what you are entitled to or how to go about the process. Our lawyers can evaluate your case and pursue the compensation that you deserve.

Compensation for Injuries in the Aviation Injury

Injured workers may receive compensation for aviation injuries including:

  • Medical care from a participating provider of your choice
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Replacement income if you are unable to work
  • Compensation for permanent disability and disfigurement
  • Death benefits for surviving family

You may be entitled to compensation regardless of whether or not the employer is at fault for the accident. You do not have to prove who is to blame or any legal theories of negligence, only that your injury is because of your job duties. Our lawyers can help you challenge an incorrect determination of your benefits.

Airlines in Hawaii

Many commercial airlines, cargo shipping companies and charter air travel companies operate in Hawaii. Commercial passenger and cargo airline operators include:

  • Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines Cargo
  • Aloha Air Cargo, Transair Cargo, Kamaka Air cargo delivery service
  • American Airlines
  • ANA
  • Delta
  • Fiji Airways
  • Japan Airlines
  • Jetstar
  • Mokulele Airlines
  • Makani Kai Air
  • United
  • Southwest
  • WestJet

and many others. A few airlines are based in Hawaii, but carriers travel to the islands from hubs and bases throughout the world.

Many airline industry workers are based on one location, but frequently travel extensively. If you’re a pilot, flight attendant, auditor, mechanic, safety professional or other traveler, we can help you with determining how to file your claim and what state laws apply.

Examples of Workplace Injuries in the Airline Industry

Here are some ways that workplace injury may occur in the airline industry:

  • Falling items from overhead bins
  • Bags falling on the ramp or in baggage makeup
  • Toe bar injuries, whether falling on the foot or malfunctioning
  • Back strain from lifting luggage and equipment
  • Accidents involving ground equipment including vehicle accidents and electrical shock
  • Malfunctioning ground servicing equipment
  • Slip and falls, falling from an elevated height
  • Sharp and protruding objects whether from aircraft, servicing equipment, jet bridges or office equipment
  • Fires and explosions, toxic exposure, carbon monoxide
  • Jet blast
  • Noise exposure, heat exposure
  • Injuries while conducting aircraft or equipment maintenance
  • Caught-in and stuck-between accidents involving equipment or large objects
  • Airplane crashes and accidents

The airline industry is a large logistical operation. It involves heavy and expensive aircraft. The ground personnel that service these aircraft work with vehicles, belt loaders and luggage belts. Mechanics work with tools and encounter electrical dangers. Injuries can be serious and instantly life changing. Victims need access to workers’ compensation benefits to heal from their injuries and cover their living expenses.

Injury and occupational disease

The aviation industry moves people and goods throughout the world. For this reason, workers may have an especially high risk of exposure to disease. Occupational disease is compensable when it is caused by characteristics that are particular to the trade or occupation. The injury must result from working conditions that are in excess of general employment hazards.

A disease or illness that you contract working for an airline may be covered by workers compensation. However, it can be factually challenging to prove that the disease is the result of extraordinary workplace exposure or hazards in aviation. Our lawyers can help you investigate and address this type of situation.

Third-party liability

The aviation industry often involves working with contractors and regional airlines. If a third party may have legal liability for what has happened, there may be additional ways to pursue compensation. Our lawyers can ensure that your rights are protected.

What to do if you are hurt while working for an airline in Hawaii

If you have been injured on the job, report your injury to your supervisor. For flight crews who are frequently away from a base location, an email to your supervisor creates a written record that you made the report. Include the date, time and circumstances surrounding the injury.

When an injury requires medical care that is more than first aid, or it makes you miss one day or more of work, the employer must file a report of injury (Employer’s Report of Industrial Injury/Illness WC-1). Seek medical care. You may choose any medical care provider on your island that agrees to give workers’ compensation treatment.

Experienced Legal Services for Injured Airline Workers

At Recovery Law Center, we have an impressive track record of results representing injured workers. We are:

  • Available for consultations at any time
  • Knowledgeable in aviation and the issues that are particular to airline workers
  • Successful in seeking compensation for people who are hurt on the job
  • Lawyers experienced with hearings and case settlement negotiations
  • Listeners who get to know your situation and personalize our representation
  • Able to offer services in many languages
  • Committed to fighting for the rights of injured employees

The airline industry is vital to Hawaii – so are the people who work in aviation. If you have been hurt on the job, contact us for your free consultation. We can start representing you today. Call or message us now.

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