Hospital Workplace Injuries

Dedicated Hawaii Hospital Workplace Injury Lawyer

Hospital Workplace Injury Lawyer

Hawaii Hospital Workplace Injury Lawyer

Injured hospital employees may receive worker’s compensation. Be sure that you’re getting the benefits you deserve. Work with experienced lawyers from the Recovery Law Center.

Legal help for injured hospital workers

Hospital workplace injuries are costly for workers and their employers. You may be in pain and unable to continue in your profession. Your life may be disrupted.

When you have been so devoted to your job, you deserve fair treatment when you need workers’ compensation benefits. A person who is hurt while working in a hospital may claim paid medical care, replacement income, and disability pay. Death benefits may be available for surviving family members.

It can be hard to navigate Hawaii’s complex workers’ compensation program when you have an injury. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can represent you in the entire process. Contact us now to speak with a Hawaii hospital workplace injury lawyer.

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The Most Common Injuries in the Hospital Industry

Common injuries in the hospital industry include:

  • Broken bones from slip and falls
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Back and muscle strain
  • Disease and infection from exposure to hazardous substances
  • Cuts and lacerations from working with medical equipment and supplies
  • Vehicle and transportation accidents
  • Violence in the workplace

Injuries may occur from slip and falls, contact with sharp, blunt or heavy objects, or overexerting the body. A worker may be exposed to a substance that harms them, like accidental contact with a medicine or a pathogen. When someone is in the hospital, emotions can run high, leading to high rates of workplace violence.

However a hospital injury occurs, the individual needs access to the medical care and benefits that they deserve.

Recovery Law Center of Hawaii

Representing Injured Hospital Workers

There are many different people who work in a hospital. They provide direct and indirect support for the hospital’s services. Our law firm can represent you if you are in any of the following work groups:

  • Nurses, licensed nurse practitioners
  • Nursing aides, assistants orderlies and attendants
  • Physicians, doctors, physician assistants, specialists
  • Technicians, laboratory professionals
  • Management
  • Cleaners and custodians
  • Maintenance workers
  • Food service workers
  • Gift shop attendants, greeters and information desk personnel
  • Billing and healthcare support service workers
  • Parking lot attendants and grounds workers

Each role in a hospital is vital to its successful operation – and each role carries significant risk of injury. We are committed to helping the people who make our healthcare services work. If you are injured while working in a hospital, we want to protect your rights.

Are hospital workers covered by workers’ compensation in Hawaii?

Yes. Hawaii hospital employees are covered by workers’ compensation. Most employers with one or more employees must have coverage. Hospitals fall under the employers who are required to provide workers’ compensation coverage in Hawaii.

Compensation and Benefits for Injured Hospital Employees

The benefits you receive are meant to assist you with lost income, help you heal through medical care and compensate you for any permanent physical injury. Types of compensation include:

  • Medical treatment: An individual can get reasonable medical care that relates to their injury. The care they receive should pay for: treatment, hospitalization, prescription medications, diagnostic testing like x-rays, therapy, and transportation costs for treatment
  • Temporary Total Disability (TTD): Wage benefits apply if you can’t work because of your injury. You may receive 66 and 2/3% of your average weekly wages up to maximum amounts.
  • Permanent Partial Disability (PPD): After reaching maximum medical improvement, you may have lasting impairment. You may receive permanent partial disability benefits that are related to the affected body part or system and the extent of impairment. These benefits are not based on your ability to work, but rather they are compensation for a lasting disability following treatment.
  • Permanent Total Disability (PTD): When the injury is so severe that it completely prevents you from doing any kind of work, you may be entitled to permanent total disability compensation. Some injuries, like loss of vision in both eyes or paralysis create a presumption of permanent disability.
  • Disfigurement: Scars, discoloration and visible deformity deserve compensation. Cuts and surgical scars are evaluated six months after they occur while burns are evaluated after one year.
  • Death benefits: Surviving spouses and dependent minors, grandparents, grandchildren, siblings and parents may qualify for death benefits if an injury results in a fatality. Unmarried students up to age 22 and children who cannot self-support may qualify as minors.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: Rehabilitation may help you return to the workforce. You may access counseling, training and other support services.

While you may deserve many of these types of benefits, it can be hard to evaluate your situation and then know what to do to get your benefits. If the employer or insurer doesn’t pay you fairly, you have a right to contest your case. You may request a hearing and participate in settlement discussions. A neutral hearing officer may determine your right to benefits. You have the right to a lawyer of your choice to assist you throughout your claim.

Representation for Hospital Workers’ Compensation Claims

If you’ve been hurt, we invite you to call or message Recovery Law Center. You can talk with a hospital injury workers’ compensation lawyer today.

It might be the first time that you need a lawyer. But if you’re injured, it’s so important to get the benefits you deserve.

Glenn Honda is a native of Hawaii. Recovery Law Center is dedicated to representing the interests of the people who work to make our hospitals great. He is committed to fighting for people who are hurt in the course of their employment.

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