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Experienced Hawaii Hotel Workplace Injury Lawyer

Hawaii Hotel Workplace Injury Lawyer

The Hawaii hotel workplace injury lawyers at Recovery Law Center can help you get fair compensation when you are hurt on the job. Get the medical care and monetary payments that you deserve.

It can be frustrating to fight your employer and the insurance company for the benefits that you are entitled to. Our law firm can help. We represent injured employees in Hawaii workers’ compensation claims. Contact us to talk about your situation. We can start representing you today.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers for Hotel Industry Injuries

There are more than 70,000 hotel rooms available in the State of Hawaii. (Greenbusiness, Resorts & Hotels). These rooms generate billions of dollars in revenue each year.

Of course, it takes thousands of workers to staff Hawaii’s hotel industry. Civil Beat reports 31,562 hospitality industry jobs in the state in 2021. The number of hospitality workers is rising.

Inevitably, some people are going to get hurt on the job. When an injury occurs, the victim has the right to workers’ compensation. The system should be easy – all you should have to do is tell your employer that you’re hurt, seek medical care and receive your benefits. Unfortunately, the employers and their insurance companies don’t always make it easy.

At Recovery Law Center, we can help. We are hotel workplace injury lawyers. Our team of professionals can assist you if you have been hurt at work. We ensure that you receive the benefits you deserve, and we represent your interests.

If you have been hurt, please contact us. There’s no cost for a consultation. Call or message us now.

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Ways Hotel Workplace Injuries Occur

A hotel can be a dangerous place for an employee. The property is large with many rooms. Guests are constantly moving throughout the property and transporting personal belongings.

Here are some ways that hotel injuries occur:

  • Slip and fall, trip and fall
  • Fire, electrical accidents and burn injuries
  • Chemical exposure
  • Harm from infestations, like bed bugs
  • Elevator and escalator malfunction
  • Falls from uneven flooring or surfaces, carpet that bunches up
  • Repetitive motion injuries, back strain, harm from working in awkward body positions
  • Working with knives and tools, causing lacerations
  • Injury from lifting and pushing heavy objects
  • Objects falling from overhead

Hotel workers are often asked to carry heavy objects that obstruct their vision. They may be asked to move cleaning carts, supplies and equipment. They often multitask. Job duties may include handling customer requests and complaints. When you work for a hotel chain, management may not be located on site. It can be difficult to communicate about operational needs. All these factors may create risk of on the job injury.

If you are injured while working at a hotel, you may deserve workers’ compensation. The injuries must be the result of your employment.

When an employer questions your injuries or whether the injuries are work-related, a Hawaii hotel workplace injury lawyer can assist you. We can gather proof of your right to compensation. Contact us to talk about your situation.

Hotel Injury Victims Workers’ Compensation – Types of Benefits

In Hawaii, a person injured while working at a hotel may receive the following benefits from workers’ compensation:

  • Medical care relating to the injury: Provided at no cost provided the injured worker follows the requirements
  • Temporary disability: Wage replacement benefits if you can’t work because of injury
  • Permanent partial disability: Which is compensation for loss of body function resulting from injury
  • Permanent total disability: Payments if you can’t return to work
  • Disfigurement: Compensation for scars, deformity and discoloration
  • Death benefits: Paid to the surviving spouse or dependents
  • Vocational rehabilitation: A range of services to help you get back to work including counseling, training and job referrals

The benefits that the injured person receives are specific to their situation. For example, someone might need significant medical intervention for a medical problem. Other circumstances may require more limited treatment. Everything relating to the injury should be covered including hospitalization, doctor visits, prescriptions and supplies.

Partial replacement wage benefits are a percentage of income up to a statutorily set maximum amount. The injured worker may receive 66 and 2/3% of their average weekly wage from the fourth day they are unable to work. If this figure is not calculated correctly, or if payments are not made, the worker can challenge the decision.

It isn’t always easy to know what types of benefits you deserve if you’re hurt while working in the hotel industry. Knowing the amounts and what is required of you can be challenging. Our legal team can assist you with everything. We guide workers through the process and protect their rights.

Experienced Legal Representation for Hotel Injury Victims

At Recovery Law Center, our dedicated team can help you following an injury while working at a hotel. The benefits you receive are critical to your recovery and your financial well-being. Our team can assist you with whatever is important to your case, including:

  • Accessing the medical care you deserve
  • Calculating your wages
  • Determining if your disability or disfigurement pay has been correctly awarded
  • Responding if your medical care or vocational rehabilitation has been denied
  • Challenging an incorrect determination about the cause of injuries or necessary medical care
  • Filing legal paperwork to protect your rights and request a hearing
  • Knowing what to do at each stage, knowing ways to make the process easier
  • Preparing with you for the next step in the proceedings
  • Representing you at hearings and in settlement negotiations and conferences

Glenn Honda was born and raised in Hawaii. Recovery Law Center is committed to representing injured workers in the state. It is important for workers like you to have quality legal representation.

We listen. Then, we advocate for the right result for you.

By focusing on the legal details, you can live your life and look forward to your future.

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