Car Crashing Into Restaurant Might Lead to Personal Injury Claims

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Business owners, employees and resident are concerned for their safety after a car crashed into a Hawaii Kai restaurant on a recent Saturday. Reportedly, this was not an isolated incident in this area. Similar accidents have caused personal injury to people inside commercial properties into which vehicles had crashed on previous occasions.

Not many details were made available by authorities, except that there was chaotic mayhem immediately after the car had come crashing into the restaurant. A preliminary police report indicates that the driver of the vehicle was a woman estimated to be in her 70s. The circumstances that caused her car to go off the roadway and mount the curb are yet to be determined.

Further reports indicate that several individuals were admitted to the hospital; however, nobody’s injuries were reported to be life-threatening. Local people said previous incidents in that area included a car that crashed into the Bank of Hawaii and two events of vehicles smashing into the post office in Hawaii Kai. Protective pillars have since been built at the post office, and business owners wondered whether similar safety precautions would be taken at Koko Marina Center in which the restaurant is situated.

Injured victims of this incident may have questions about liability and whether they will have grounds for filing claims for recovery of damages. Their best course of action might be to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can examine the circumstances of the incident to assess the viability of civil lawsuits. The fact that they incurred medical expenses due to the apparent negligence of another party might lead to a court awarding monetary judgments to cover damages.

Source:, “Businesses look for solutions after car plows into Hawaii Kai restaurant”, Elyssa Arevalo, Sept. 24, 2017

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