Car Accident Statistics in Hawaii

Car Accident Statistics in Honolulu, HI

Every year, transportation officials set goals to reduce the number of traffic fatalities on Hawaii roadways. The goal is zero. But unfortunately, the most current car accident statistics indicate that the state is far from reaching that goal.

According to news reports, Hawaii saw 25 fatalities in the first three months of one recent year alone. That was more than double the amount from the same period the previous year. And according to the Department of Transportation’s existing Highway Safety Plan, Hawaii is still not projected to meet its target goals for the reduction of fatalities and serious injuries based on available data.

The majority of traffic deaths consistently occur on Oahu. Along with auto accidents, Oahu also experiences more motorcycle crashes and pedestrian collisions than the state’s other islands.

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Hawaii Car Crash Statistics

A look at the average state statistics from a recent five-year period demonstrates the severity of the traffic accident problem in Hawaii. There were:

  • 109 traffic fatalities
  • 432 serious injuries
  • 36 alcohol-impaired deaths
  • 50 speed-related fatalities
  • 26 motorcyclists killed
  • 10 deaths were drivers under 20
  • 31 pedestrian fatalities
  • 3 bicyclists killed

Speeding and impaired driving are the most common causes of car accidents in the Aloha State. The highest numbers of speed-related fatalities occurred in the Honolulu and Honolulu County, the state’s most populous area.

Distracted driving is another leading cause of motor vehicle collisions. In a single recent year, distracted driving accounted for 20.5 percent of all traffic fatalities in Hawaii, much higher than the nation’s eight percent. Inattention was cited as most common contributing factor, followed by talking or listening on the cell phone.

In addition, drug use is becoming a more prevalent factor in traffic fatalities. In recent years, the number of drug-only accident deaths has surpassed the number of alcohol-only crashes.

Behavioral Statistics on Car Accidents

The actual number of accidents and injuries from year to year is critical to understand the scope of the problem. However, a deep dive into motorists’ attitudes and beliefs about driving identifies other areas of concern. Take these examples from the Highway Safety Plan:

  • 59 percent of Hawaii residents feel speed and aggressive driving are the biggest safety concerns on the roads.
  • The second-largest safety problem was considered texting while driving.
  • 31 percent of respondents felt cell phone use is an additional danger.
  • 92 percent knew it’s illegal to hold a mobile device while driving (even if stopped at a red light).
  • 68 percent of people said fear of getting into an accident and hurting someone else was the primary reason they avoided distracted driving.

Compensation for Catastrophic Car Accident Injuries

Being injured in a crash can have life-altering consequences. The greater the injury, the more important it is for victims to contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

Victims who suffer catastrophic injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury, could face a lifetime of medical costs, disabilities, or long-term impairments. Even in accidents where a full recovery is expected, healing could require months of time off work and the inability to perform routine tasks or participate in daily activities for some time. Fortunately, Hawaii law allows car accident victims to pursue compensation for these losses.

In a successful car accident claim, you could recover money for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation, like physical therapy and occupational therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

Family members of people killed in a Hawaii car accident may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim if someone else’s negligence caused the death. Wrongful death compensation can cover funeral and burial costs, medical expenses for the deceased before their death, loss of companionship, loss of future income and benefits, loss of marital care and attention, loss of parental care and affection, pain and suffering, and more.

How Can Recovery Law Center Help Me?

After a car accident, obtaining full and fair compensation is rarely as simple as filing a claim and getting an insurance payout. The path to full and fair compensation may be filled with obstacles.

For example, Hawaii is a no-fault auto insurance state. That means accident victims must first seek compensation from their own insurer before filing a claim against the other driver. However, they may still have the option to sue if their injuries meet a certain threshold set by state law.

An auto accident victim can file a claim against the responsible driver when:

  • The no-fault policy paid out $5,000 or more.
  • The victim suffered a serious or permanent injury that resulted in severe emotional distress.

Determining whether you can file suit is not something you should try to figure out alone. A Honolulu car accident lawyer from Recovery Law Center can help prepare your claim and negotiate for maximum compensation for your injuries and crash-related losses.

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You’ll also benefit from our commitment to take the burden off your shoulders. Our lawyers can handle every aspect of the claims process for you. You shouldn’t have to stress about fielding phone calls from insurance adjusters and trying to meet their demands. Once you hire Recovery Law Center, all of those responsibilities transfer to us.

There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling a free consultation. Call or fill out our online contact form for a free consultation with a Honolulu car accident lawyer.

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