What To Do After Getting Injured In An Accident In Hawaii

You are going about your business and suddenly your world is turned upside down. A car accident, a moped crash or a slip-and-fall injury can disrupt your plans, send you to the hospital and lead to seemingly endless questions and problems.

The first question is the most urgent one right after a crash:

What do you do?

Our personal injury attorneys can help. Based on our years of experience representing injured people in Hawaii, we have developed a shortlist of the most essential tasks:

  • First, get emergency medical attention. Prompt emergency care can make all the difference in saving a life and promoting full recovery. Call 911. If fellow passengers or bystanders know basic first aid, someone may be able to stop some of the bleeding while you wait for an ambulance to arrive. However, it is best to let trained emergency medical technicians take actions such as helping the person lie down or moving him or her from a wrecked car.
  • Call the police right after calling for an ambulance. Be prepared to answer basic questions from the police but do not engage in lengthy conversations without getting legal counsel first.
  • Report the accident to your car insurance company, if applicable. As with the police, give basic information but do not give lengthy statements until you talk to a Honolulu personal injury lawyer.
  • Get needed follow-up medical attention. This may mean surgery, stitches, or setting a broken bone, to name a few examples. If Recovery Law Center represents you, we will take responsibility for obtaining, organizing, and analyzing medical records. If you are a friend or family member, stay focused on helping the injured person cope with a difficult situation and get better.
  • Do not admit fault. Whether you are the injured person or a bystander; a driver, passenger or pedestrian; or a moped operator, bicyclist or motorcyclist — no matter what your role in the accident — do not tell the police, medical professionals, friends or family that it was your fault. Any discussion of causes of the accident should be between you and your lawyer.
  • Get photos of the area and the accident and ask witnesses to email you any pictures they take. Pictures of an intersection, sidewalk conditions, injuries and a wrecked vehicle can be valuable for your case. Your lawyer may also seek images captured by surveillance cameras in the area.
  • Gather names of witnesses and their contact information. The scene of the accident offers a prime opportunity to do this.
  • Call a lawyer as soon as you can. Your initial consultation with an attorney at Recovery Law Center is free, so there is no risk involved. We can come to your location if you cannot come to us. We can meet you at the scene of the accident, in your hospital room or at your home. We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your case and inform you of your rights.
  • Don’t post information about your accident or injury on social media. You may want to tell everyone you know that you or your family member is injured and in the hospital. However, beware of the risks involved in disclosing details about the accident or injuries on Facebook or elsewhere online. If you want to communicate with friends and loved ones through a CaringBridge page or a GoFundMe account, talk to a lawyer first. Many people have unknowingly hurt their personal injury cases by putting out too much information too soon.

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