Year: 2023

Glenn Honda | | Car Accidents

Car Accidents With No Seatbelt in Hawaii

Hawaii understands the importance of wearing your seatbelt. Statewide, Hawaii has a 97.1% seatbelt use rate. That’s higher than the national average of 90.7%. In fact, Hawaii ranks first in the nation in seatbelt use. Seatbelts undoubtedly save lives. Still, a few Hawaii drivers are reluctant to use them. Will that affect their claim should …

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Glenn Honda | | Personal Injury

Who Is Liable for a Skydiving Accident in Hawaii?

Visitors to Hawaii take part in many recreational activities, including skydiving. Unfortunately, what’s meant to be a fun adventure can quickly result in injury if something goes wrong. If you or someone you know is harmed by a skydiving accident, you may wonder who is liable. Our Honolulu personal injury lawyers explain. Liability for Hawaii …

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