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Upcoming Events in Honolulu

People travel from all over the world to visit the beautiful islands of Hawaii. For those of us who live here year-round, we enjoy experiencing all the events in Honolulu and beyond, especially around the holidays. Read more below to find out about some exciting events coming up on Oahu. Top Five “Can’t Miss” Events …

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Glenn Honda | | Moped Accidents

Honolulu’s Most Dangerous Areas For Mopeds and Scooters

Mopeds and scooters are popular ways to get around Honolulu. However, they are not necessarily the safest modes of transportation, especially in some of the city’s busiest areas. Mopeds and scooters share many similar dangers. Both are small and lightweight, which make them less visible to other drivers. They also do not give riders much …

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Glenn Honda | | Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians and Bicyclists at Risk for Injury in Hawaii

Whether you’re a full-time resident of Hawaii or among tens of thousands of tourists who visit the islands every year, you likely enjoy being outdoors and taking in the immense beauty of your surroundings. Hawaii is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth. It’s understandable that many residents and visitors leave the keys …

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Glenn Honda | | Car Accidents

Drunk Driving: Why Should You Pay for Someone Else’s Negligence?

Hawaii is no different from other states when it comes to highway dangers. Anything from inclement road conditions to someone driving at excessive speeds can place you at risk for injury if a collision occurs. Drunk drivers often plague the roadways in this state, as well, often causing serious injury to those unfortunate enough to …

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Glenn Honda | | Car Accidents

Car Accidents Remain a Leading Cause of Death and Injury

Motorists in Hawaii are always at risk when traveling on crowded roadways across the state. To mitigate some of this risk, drivers should always stay alert, pay attention to surroundings and practice defensive driving habits. However, it is likely that all drivers will be involved an accident at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, car accidents are one of …

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Glenn Honda | | Premises Liability

Woman Allegedly Injured in a Store Files Premises Liability Claim

For business and property owners, the best ways to prevent accidents from happening involve maintaining properties and removing potential hazards. Things such as poor lighting, unattended items left in aisles and slick floors are accidents waiting to happen that could cause injury to customers. According to premises liability laws in Hawaii, property and business owners may be held liable when hazardous conditions cause injuries to …

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