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Legal Representation for Injured Tourists

Were you injured while visiting Hawaii? From our offices in Honolulu, we represent tourists who are hurt while visiting our state.

Our law firm represents tourists, travelers and visitors who are hurt in Hawaii or while traveling to the state. You may receive compensation for your injuries, but it can be especially challenging when you are injured while visiting the area. That’s why you need the help of a Honolulu tourist injury lawyer. We understand how to pursue the case.

Call 808-427-3088 or message us online to talk to Recovery Law Center. We work on all fronts to make sure that you have the support you need after a serious accident.

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Serving Tourists and Visitors

Whether you are a Hawaii resident who is away from home, a U.S. resident visiting from another state or even an international tourist, we are proud to be your representatives. Anyone who is coping with an injury is welcome to contact us.

It can be especially challenging to be hurt while you are traveling, but Recovery Law Center is here for you. We want our clients to recover in every way that they can. That means serving tourists and visitors in legal claims and focusing intently on pursuing your rights.

Types of tourism and travel accidents

Injuries can happen in many ways while on vacation. Here are some common tourist injuries:

  • Car accidents, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) crashes
  • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
  • Airplane and aviation crashes
  • Slip and falls in a hotel, on a cruise ship or in a recreational setting
  • Toxic chemical exposure whether it is in a hotel room, on a cruise ship or somewhere else
  • Injuries from fire
  • Animal attacks
  • Recreation accidents on land and water
  • Boating injuries including cruise ships, yachts and public boat tours
  • Pool injuries
  • Illness and disease from poor sanitation in hotels, rental homes and cruise ships
  • Assault and battery, intentional injury
  • Public transportation and mass transit accidents

When you go on a vacation, you expect to enjoy the trip. You don’t expect to be suddenly injured. A serious injury can completely disrupt the trip, and you may have a long road to recovery ahead.

An injury can impact all areas of your life. You may be struggling with pain, emotional stress and financial hardship. You may be able to receive a monetary payment if someone else is legally responsible for the accident.

See what you may receive in compensation. Call 808-427-3088 to talk to the Recovery Law Center. We answer our phones 24/7.

Consultations with tourist lawyers in Honolulu

Contact us for a consultation with our legal team. Whether you are in Honolulu, elsewhere in Hawaii or in another location, we can help you.

Consultations are available virtually and in our offices. We can talk over video chat or on the phone. It is our goal to meet your needs as we work for your financial recovery. We are committed to helping you with the physical, emotional and financial challenges of being an injury victim by representing you in the legal process. It’s our aim to meet your needs wherever you are located.

Our phones are answered 24/7. When our clients are in other places, even internationally, we are able to meet your needs by working with you on your schedule.

Understanding legal issues in tourist injury claims

When an injury happens, the victim struggles in many ways. They have physical pain, emotional stress and financial hardships.

It can be especially hard when the injury occurs away from home. There are some special issues and questions that may be present when a claim involves someone on vacation. We can address these issues, including:

  • Jurisdiction and forum questions for filing the case
  • State, federal and international law that may apply
  • Liability waivers, arbitration clauses and other attempts to limit liability
  • Claims against hospitality companies and tourist organizations
  • Evidence gathering when the victim lives somewhere else
  • Difficulty contacting witnesses who may also be tourists and visitors
  • Claims involving travel insurance

Hospitality companies often claim exemption from liability. They may respond with allegations of your own recklessness or misconduct. Our lawyers know how to overcome these challenges.

Differences in Hawaii personal injury claims

It’s always best to contact Recovery Law Center as soon as possible following an accident. The rules and procedures may be different in Hawaii than in your state or country. For example, there are time limits for how long you have to file a claim. These limits vary between states. There are also procedural and evidence rules that may be different than they are in your location.

Our legal professionals know the laws in Hawaii. We will tailor our representation to meet your needs.

Experienced Lawyers for People Hurt While Visiting Honolulu

Recovery Law Center exists to help people when they are hurt in Hawaii. Helping people who are hurt through the compensation process is the mission of our law firm.

Founder Glenn Honda and his team are in the recovery with you. You don’t have to live in Hawaii to have our lawyers represent you. If you are hurt anywhere in Hawaii or while traveling here, we want to help you.

Recovering after an injury accident means having the compensation you deserve. Financial compensation can pay medical bills, household expenses and replace lost income. It can acknowledge your physical pain and mental anguish. It can reflect changes in lifestyle and limitations that you have because of your injuries.

We are proud to represent tourists, travelers and visitors from all walks of life. Let our experienced team be your resource and guide when you’re hurt while visiting Hawaii.

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If you have been hurt, Recovery Law Center is here for you. We tirelessly pursue favorable outcomes for our clients.

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