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Honolulu Tourist Injury Lawyer

You may be in Hawaii on business, visiting family or vacationing. Whether you are a tourist or a visitor for any other purpose, you no doubt see great hurdles in the way of your recovery. The Pacific Ocean is huge!

At Recovery Law Center, our personal injury lawyers understand. We have helped many visitors to Hawaii get back on their feet physically, emotionally and financially after suffering injuries on Oahu and other islands.

A Dedicated Lawyer And Law Firm To Help You Cope After An Accident When Your Family Is Far Away

I am personal injury attorney Glenn Honda, the founder, and owner of Recovery Law Center in Honolulu. I have devoted my career to helping the injured recover compensation and move forward to recovery. I am proud of the way my entire legal staff joins with me in delivering the personalized services that our clients need after a motor vehicle accident or any accidental injury.

We understand how frightening and inconvenient it can be to suffer a personal injury so far away from home. If we take your case and you return to your home territory, we will gladly collaborate with professionals near you who will continue to help you through your recovery.

Rest Assured: Recovery Law Center Is Here For You

It is common, after an accidental injury to turn to close friends and family members for help. But tourists, business travelers and members of the military often must make do on their own after an accidental injury in Hawaii. How will you manage now that you are across the ocean with a broken bone, a back injury or any serious injury? After a car accident or a slip-and-fall accident, it can hard to know what to do even when you are close to home, much less when you are far, far away. Thankfully, the Recovery Law Center is on your side.

Let Us Treat You Like Family As We Help You Through Your Personal Injury Claim And Recovery

The Recovery Law Center has represented many others in your situation. We mean it when we say you will become part of our family while we help you with your personal injury case. No one will cheer more sincerely as you get better than we will. Our dedicated Honolulu tourist injury attorneys at Recovery Law Center goal is to apply the power of the law to restore you to wholeness as much as possible. A review of your insurance policy is an important first step. After that, we are ready to fight for you all the way.

So let’s get started. Call 808-597-8888 or send an email inquiry to schedule a free consultation.