Pedestrian Accidents: Drinking & Walking in Hawaii

drinking & Walking in Hawaii

Alcohol Laws in Hawaii

Alcohol Laws in Hawaii
  • Passengers and drivers are prohibited from having open containers of alcohol or drinking in a vehicle, even when the car is parked
  • People under 21 can’t buy alcohol, but they can drink it if a parent or guardian serves it to them in a private location
  • It’s illegal to use a fake ID to buy alcohol
  • People who are 21 or older can leave a restaurant with a partially consumed bottle of alcohol, as long as it is resealed in its original container
  • Drinking alcohol on a public beach is illegal
  • You can get arrested for public intoxication if you cannot take care of yourself or create a disturbance, such as fighting, damaging property, threatening someone, making unreasonable noise, passing out in public, or injuring someone else
  • Police cannot legally require you to take a field sobriety test
  • It’s illegal to operate any vessel while drunk, including boats, surfboards, and water skis
Dangers of Drunk Walking

Dangers of Drunk Walking

  • Impairs judgment and reaction time
  • Inhibits decision-making
  • Increases risky behaviors, such as running in front of a car or crossing a dark highway
  • Limits peripheral vision, depth perception, and glare recovery
Consequences of Drunk Walking

Consequences of Drunk Walking

  • Death or serious injury
  • Public intoxication and other criminal charges with hefty penalties, such as jail time, significant fines, and community service
  • Fines of around $200 – $300 for passengers with an open container of alcohol in a vehicle
  • Lawsuits from people harmed by drunk pedestrians
Effective Actions to Keep Pedestrians Safe

Effective Actions to Keep Pedestrians Safe

  • Market taxi and rideshare services
  • Improve lighting on streets and highways
  • Increase safe places for pedestrians to walk and cross the road
  • Wear reflective clothing or wristbands
  • Lower speed limits
  • Educate people about the risks of drunk walking
  • Avoid alcohol before walking in public

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