Premises Liability $1M Suit Against McDonald’s Settled

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Customers should not have to be concerned with personal safety when shopping or visiting stores and restaurants. Business and property owners in Hawaii should always welcome visitors with a safe environment. Premises liability laws in the state of Hawaii and across the country say that property and business owners are responsible for the safety and protection of all visitors lawfully on their property. However, things like tools or water left on the floor from routine maintenance can turn into dangerous hazards that have the potential to cause injuries to customers.

A woman and her child recently settled a lawsuit against a McDonald’s restaurant in another state after a fall in the restaurant resulted in injuries. According to the lawsuit, the woman and her child visited the restaurant and encountered water on the floor. The woman claimed the water caused her child to slip and fall.

The fall resulted in injuries to the child, the lawsuit claimed. The alleged injuries included right arm and right elbow injuries, as well as injuries to the child’s knee and general body soreness. The lawsuit alleged that even though employees were aware of the potential hazardous condition, there was no signage displayed to warn customers. The lawsuit was recently settled out of court. The plaintiffs sought $1 million in damages.

When hazardous conditions on a property result in injuries to legal visitors, business and property owners can be held liable. Those in Hawaii who suffer injuries due to the hazardous conditions on a property may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit. A successful claim could result in much-needed compensation to cover medical expenses and other financial damages accrued due to injuries.

Source:, “Slip & fall against Beaumont McDonald’s settles before trial, plaintiffs sought $1M in damages“, David Yates, April 2, 2018

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