Phones Are Still a Major Reason for Car Accidents

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In 2018, smartphones are everywhere. Our phones let us connect on social media, read unwanted work emails and text our friends and family. Because phones always demand our attention, many people continue to use them in dangerous situations.

The 2016 Fatal Crash Traffic Data by the U.S. Department of Transportation showed that distraction-related deaths, including texting, caused 3,450 deaths in one year. While this death rate was a 2.2 percent decrease compared to 2015, any fatality caused by a distraction is too much. Learn why smartphones some of the facts behind smartphone use while driving and how you can prevent accidents.

Unsafe phone use in Hawaii

Phone use while walking across an intersection or driving is already illegal in Honolulu. People who use an electronic device while driving can face a $200 fine for their first offense. Recently Honolulu enacted a law that makes crossing the street while looking at a phone a finable offense. Even with these laws and fines, people still risk their lives by using their phone in unsafe ways.

Tourists to Hawaii who use their phones can also present a unique safety challenge. The Hawaii Department of Business Economic Development & Tourism projects that the number of out-of-state tourists will increase by at least 1.4 percent every year. This increase in visitors means more even more people on the road who rely on their phones for navigation.

Three tips to stop using your phone while driving

Because of the dangers involved in using a phone while moving, everyone needs to take precautions to protect themselves.

You can use these three tips to prevent phone use while driving:

  1. Install a prevention app: Several free apps can block texting, phone calls and notifications while driving. Some of these apps can respond to callers with a text messages that says you are driving.
  2. Use a smart dashboard: Some vehicles have built-in smart dashboards that can display directions, notifications and other pertinent information. These units often support hands free inputs so that you will not need to pick up your phone while driving
  3. Turn off your phone: The safest approach to driving is to turn off your phone and wait to respond until you park. This will stop distracting notifications and the temptation to look your phone while driving.

If a driver hits you they were using their phone, you need immediate legal help. You should contact a skilled personal injury attorney who can go over the details of your case and fight for your compensation.

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