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Glenn Honda | | Car Accidents

Phones Are Still a Major Reason for Car Accidents

In 2018, smartphones are everywhere. Our phones let us connect on social media, read unwanted work emails and text our friends and family. Because phones always demand our attention, many people continue to use them in dangerous situations. The 2016 Fatal Crash Traffic Data by the U.S. Department of Transportation showed that distraction-related deaths, including …

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Glenn Honda | | Personal Injury

What to Do if You Are Seriously Injured on Vacation

Hawaii’s beautiful weather, beaches and culture make it dream vacation destination for many people. These visitors often take part in vacation activities, such as snorkeling, cycling and scenic drives. This dream vacation can become a nightmare if a vacationer gets into an accident while on their trip. One report shows that, on average, one visitor to …

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Glenn Honda | | Premises Liability

Premises Liability $1M Suit Against McDonald’s Settled

Customers should not have to be concerned with personal safety when shopping or visiting stores and restaurants. Business and property owners in Hawaii should always welcome visitors with a safe environment. Premises liability laws in the state of Hawaii and across the country say that property and business owners are responsible for the safety and protection of all visitors lawfully on their property. However, things like tools or water …

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Glenn Honda | | Car Accidents

Auto Accidents Often Prompt Lengthy Investigations

When a motorist is involved in a motor vehicle collision in Hawaii, there may be more questions than answers about who or what may have caused a particular incident to occur. This is why many auto accidents often result in extensive police investigations. In fact, one such situation took place Waianae that still has traffic …

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Glenn Honda | | Moped Accidents

Moped Safety Tips May Help Keep You Safe

Many Oahu residents may have had their eye on a scooter or moped for some time. Now that you have one of your own, you likely cannot wait to hit the open road and feel the thrill of the ride. Whether this outing will act as a new experience or you have been out several …

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