Bicycle Accidents Often Result in Serious Injuries

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Temperatures are warm and comfortable year-round in Hawaii, making outdoor activities enjoyable. Due to increasingly crowded roadways, many Hawai’i Residents are using bicycles as a main source of transportation. Not only are bicycles environmentally friendly and economical, traveling by bike is a great way to stay in shape. In fact, cycling is one of the most popular forms of exercise across the state. However, with increased numbers of cyclists sharing the same roadways as vehicles, bicycle accidents are occurring at a higher rate.

A cyclist who was hit by a car in Kapolei says she now lives in pain. According to reports, the woman was a top triathlete and was bicycling on Tantalus Drive with her triathlon training group when she was hit by a car. Reportedly, the force of the impact threw her 40 feet into the air.

The woman says she suffered severe injuries, scarring and is in constant pain. Before her accident, she competed in triathlons and now she needs crutches just to walk. Allegedly, the driver who hit her was street racing, which is illegal. The driver will soon go to court to face negligent injury charges, reports said.

Those who travel by bicycle are faced with unique dangers that are not present for motorists. Cyclists are totally exposed to the elements, so bicycle accidents are more likely to end in serious injuries or death. Families in Hawaii who have suffered injury or the loss of a loved one due to negligence in an accident such as this could benefit from discussions with an experienced attorney. A successfully litigated lawsuit could result in compensation to help families with medical expenses and other financial losses recognized by applicable laws.

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For over 29 years, attorney Glenn Honda has helped people injured in accidents throughout Hawaii get the best outcome for their case, whether it’s maximizing their settlement, or balancing costs and risks vs. putting the whole experience behind them. As the founding attorney of the Recovery Law Center, he is passionate about helping his clients with their physical, emotional and financial recovery. Mr. Honda will fight to get you coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, damaged property and other costs related to your accident.

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