How long do personal injury cases take?

How long do personal injury cases take?

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This could take a couple of months. You do not want to settle your Hawaii accident injury case until after you have completed treatment because you want the settlement to take into account all of your injuries and bills. Your injury lawyer will order all of your medical records and bills and write out a summary of your treatment. All of these documents will then be sent to the other driver’s insurance company for their review. Assuming that the insurance company accepts liability for the collision, then they will most likely make a settlement offer to resolve your injury claim.

Once your Hawaii accident lawyer receives the settlement offer, he will negotiate with the insurance company to get their offer as high as possible. He will continue the negotiation until the insurance adjustor indicates that they have reached their final offer and are no longer able to make any additional offers. If their offer is reasonable, then your personal injury attorney will recommend you take the offer. If the settlement offer is completely unreasonable, you will need to decide whether to take them to court, a process that can be very long, time consuming, and stressful.

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