Premises Liability Lawsuit Recently Settled for $100,000

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In Hawaii, cities and counties across the state must adhere to strict regulations and safety codes to ensure that all public property is safe for citizens and visitors. These regulations say that publicly used facilities and structures must be adequately maintained and free of potential hazards. Sometimes, due to a lack of resources or funding, maintenance can be neglected. Flaws during the construction phase of public infrastructure can also play a role in future accidents. A premises liability lawsuit against a city in another state recently made headlines after a six-figure settlement was finally reached.

The lawsuit was filed by a woman who claimed to suffer a fall on a public sidewalk. According to the lawsuit, the woman was walking on a sidewalk when she tripped and fell over an anchor that was protruding from the walkway. Allegedly, the anchor was leftover from a bus stop sign that had been removed.

The woman accused the city of negligence, claiming that they failed to properly inspect the sidewalk and remove the hazard. The lawsuit said that the woman sustained very serious injuries in the fall that caused her to incurred medical expenses. The woman alleged to also have suffered lost wages as well as pain and anguish. Reports say that the lawsuit was settled out of court, with the plaintiff receiving a payment of $100,000 from the city.

Shockingly, thousands of people are injured every year across the country due to hazardous conditions on public properties and establishments. By filing a Hawaii personal injury lawsuit, victims could be compensated for any pain and suffering experienced as a result of injuries. In Hawaii, however, it is important to act quickly as the time period for filing a claim may be significantly shortened when a government entity believed responsible for an accident.

Source: Joliet, IL Patch, “Joliet Slip, Fall Lawsuit Settled For Six Figures“, John Ferak, May 10, 2018

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