Pedestrian Accidents Are Increasing in Crowded Hawaii Cities

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It’s no secret that more and more people are choosing to take up residence in the state of Hawaii. Honolulu, in particular, is in the midst of a population boom, as more people move to this wonderful city to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that abound here. However, this has led to an increase in pedestrian accidents. Recently, the island of Oahu saw multiple pedestrian accidents in a 24-hour timeframe, one of which ended in an arrest.

Reportedly, three pedestrian accidents happened in the same day, all with pedestrians suffering injuries. One accident occurred around 9 a.m. as a woman was walking along a Honolulu sidewalk. Reports say a car drove over the curb and struck the woman. The woman reportedly suffered injuries to her ankle, leg and arm. Another woman was hit by a vehicle later that day on Kapiolani Boulevard and was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, according to reports.

Another pedestrian accident that day ended in an arrest. Witnesses said a woman was riding her bike near a school when she was suddenly struck by a pickup truck. According to witness reports, the truck was weaving through traffic, hit the woman in an intersection and then sped off. Authorities said the woman suffered a broken leg. Police later caught up to the driver of the truck and arrested him.

Unfortunately, accidents such as these seem to be happening more frequently in Hawaii cities. Those who have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one in pedestrian accidents could benefit by consulting an experienced attorney. A successfully litigated claim could result in much-needed compensation that could greatly help struggling families.

Glenn Honda

For over 29 years, attorney Glenn Honda has helped people injured in accidents throughout Hawaii get the best outcome for their case, whether it’s maximizing their settlement, or balancing costs and risks vs. putting the whole experience behind them. As the founding attorney of the Recovery Law Center, he is passionate about helping his clients with their physical, emotional and financial recovery. Mr. Honda will fight to get you coverage for your medical bills, lost wages, damaged property and other costs related to your accident.

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