How Hawai’i Resident Pedestrians Can Prevent Accidents at Night

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As Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, the Aloha State has a highly active nightlife. Most people that vacation often stay up late to drink, attend a luau or simply to hear the ocean waves approach the shorelines.

Unfortunately, staying up late has become increasingly dangerous in the state as of late. A recent report states that out of the 28 pedestrian fatalities we have had this year, 25 of them were between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. The reports attribute these fatalities to motorists speeding, inattentiveness or not giving the right of way. Though many pedestrians were also at fault for intoxication or improper crossing. Regardless of whether motorists or pedestrians were more at fault, there are several precautions you need to take before you enjoy Honolulu’s nightlife.

Wear reflective clothing and stay in a well-lit area

Pedestrians that walk late at night should wear bright and reflective clothing so that drivers can see them better when they start approaching them. The law also requires bicyclists in Hawaii to use headlights and rear reflectors when riding after dark. Given that a portion of the deaths this year were a result of speeding, the car might not see you in time before they hit you, so try to stay on a sidewalk or area with enough lighting for motorists to see you from a distance.

Minimize intoxication and distractions

Pedestrians that are drunk or too busy looking at their phones do not need to be behind the wheel to be dangerous. Nearly a quarter of the victims in the report had alcohol or drugs in their system before they died, and over a third did not cross the street correctly. If you plan on drinking during a night on the island, designated drivers are still your best option to get you back safely. If you plan on walking, choose an easy path to remember to get back to your place. Looking at the map on your phone too much while walking will result in some legal trouble.

Keep an eye on the clock

If you want to avoid the dangers of walking or biking on the road at night altogether, then look up what time the sunset is online so you can plan accordingly. Honolulu’s October sunsets will happen around 6:15 at the beginning of the month and around 5:50 near Halloween. Sunsets are also important to keep in mind because the intense glare it gives can make it more difficult for both drivers and pedestrians to see.

Both pedestrians and motorists have a responsibility to act safely at night. A motor vehicle accident can be devastating to any resident or tourist who simply wished to enjoy Hawaii at night. If you followed these tips and still end up in the hospital for the motorist’s mistake, you should consider if you want to follow up the incident with a personal injury claim to help you financially recover.

Glenn Honda

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