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When you need a Hawaii vacation rental accident lawyer, Recovery Law Center is here for you. We represent victims seeking injury compensation for harm occurring at short-term rentals.

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Going on vacation is meant to be a time of fun and relaxation. You carefully chose your vacation rental. Then, you’re suddenly hurt. You don’t know what to do.

Our lawyers for vacation rental injury can represent you. We can assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries and suffering.

Have you been hurt while staying at a rental property? Get representation from a Hawaii vacation rental accident lawyer at Recovery Law Center. Call 808-427-3088 or message us online now.

We handle claims for accidents involving:

  • Airbnb
  • VRBO
  • TripAdvisor
  • Expedia
  • Hotel chain home rentals
  • Homestay
  • Other short-term rental companies

Contact us as soon as possible. It may be beneficial to report the injury to the vacation rental company shortly after the injury, and we can help. Our team can begin representing you at any stage of the case.

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Compensation for Short Term Rental Accidents

If you are hurt in an accident at a short term rental like Airbnb or VRBO, you may be able to receive financial compensation. Hosts must ensure that the property they are offering is safe. Too many hosts don’t take this responsibility seriously. Compensation may be available for an accident that causes injury.

You may claim compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Transportation for medical care including arrangements for travel home, if necessary
  • Lost wages, benefits and career damage
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental health injury
  • Emotional anguish

The amount of your claim depends on your actual losses. Our Hawaii vacation rental accident lawyers work to ensure that you truly receive what your case is worth.

Types of vacation rental accidents

There are many ways that vacation rental accidents may occur. Our Hawaii vacation accident lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Wet and slick surfaces that cause a slip and fall
  • Uneven carpeting and wooden flooring that may cause a trip and fall
  • Chemical leaks and exposure, including carbon monoxide
  • Broken railings and stairs
  • Sidewalks and driveways in disrepair
  • Falling objects
  • Recreational hazards like swings
  • Pool and trampoline related injuries
  • Appliances that malfunction and cause injury
  • Infestations including bed bugs
  • Hazards from the structure like a collapsed roof
  • Violence, assault and battery, sexual assault
  • Fires and smoke inhalation, electrical problems
  • Attacks from pets and animals at the rental
  • Other causes of accidents and injuries

It is likely that you never could have imagined the way that you were hurt at the rental property. For example, one man lost his life when he was trying out a tire swing at an Airbnb property. The branch snapped, causing fatal brain injury. In another instance, a boy died when a homemade swing collapsed at a rental home. Often, vacation properties were not originally meant to be rentals.

When an injury results, you may qualify to receive compensation.

Experienced Legal Services. Serious Representation.

Recovery Law Center is a law firm dedicated to representing people. The goal is for victims and their families to receive fair compensation for their injury claims.

We are a law firm located in Honolulu, serving all of Hawaii. We represent residents and visitors who are hurt while staying at vacation rental properties in Hawaii. We represent United States residents and international visitors.

About our law firm

When you work with Recovery Law Center, you can expect:

  • Legal skills that reflect 25+ years of experience
  • A team with a wide breadth of knowledge with the unique issues in vacation rental injury claims
  • Phones answered 24/7
  • Representation through all aspects of the case including investigation, case filing and trial, if necessary
  • Submitting an accident report to the rental company and negotiating your pay with them
  • Understanding the compensation available, the insurance policies that may be available and ways to pursue compensation
  • Communication with you throughout the case

We believe that standing up for the rights of people who are hurt at a vacation rental is important for our community. Being in an accident can create financial and personal hardship. At the same time you are struggling with your health, you’re worrying about the financial compensation process.

You can leave it to us at Recovery Law Center. We take care of your legal case so that you have the means to recover physically, emotionally and financially.

Get to know our team and see what you may receive in compensation. Contact our Hawaii vacation rental accident lawyers today for a personalized review of your case.

How do vacation rentals handle injuries?

A vacation rental owner may be personally liable for an accident that occurs while you are using the property. Vacation rental companies often offer supplemental insurance to cover damages in the event the owner is liable. In addition, the owner may have personal insurance to pay a claim.

Our lawyers look for all possibilities for liability and insurance to pay compensation.

Can you sue for an Airbnb injury?

Yes, it may be possible to sue for an Airbnb injury. You have legal rights when you’re hurt while staying at a rental property. Most claims are related to premises liability or dangerous conditions existing on the property. To bring a claim, you must be hurt because of the dangerous conditions.

Can I hire a lawyer if I’m hurt at a vacation rental?

Yes! Our lawyers are here to represent you if you’re hurt at a vacation rental. We can assist you in all aspects of the claims process.

Free Consultation with a Lawyer for Vacation Rental Accidents

Being hurt at a vacation rental can leave you feeling helpless. While the rental companies may publicly advertise their insurance policies, it may be a different matter when you go to file a claim. But you don’t have to fight alone.

At Recovery Law Center, we are a law firm that exists to help people like you. When you need a Hawaii vacation rental accident lawyer, we are here to answer your questions, investigate your options and pursue your claim.

Our consultations are always free. Contact us to talk to our lawyers with no obligation. Start your case today. Call 808-427-3088 or message us online now.

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