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Military Injury Attorney in Honolulu

One of life’s challenges for a great many members of the military and their families who are stationed in Hawaii is being far away from extended family. Whereas your parents, brothers, sisters, and other family members might help you out in a crisis back on the mainland, if you are injured in Hawaii, you may feel isolated and on your own at a frightening time. Contact our personal injury lawyers at Recovery Law Center in Honolulu.

At Recovery Law Center in Honolulu, we have seen how the physical distance from relatives, family doctors, and other familiar comforts of home can affect an injured person and their immediate family.

For these reasons, we pay special attention to the needs of our clients who are in Hawaii because of military assignments on:

  • U.S. Army bases
  • Coast Guard bases
  • Marine bases
  • Naval bases
  • Air Force bases

Military personnel and their dependents (spouses and children in the vast majority of cases) typically encounter many challenges in coping with an accidental injury. Military rules say you should seek medical treatment off base when you have been injured, and this can be frightening. Which doctors or hospitals will be best for your situation? How will you get your bills paid? If you do need to go back to the mainland for a long recovery period, how will you manage? Who will coordinate all the necessary paperwork to help maximize compensation for your losses? Good news: The Recovery Law Center is available to be the Hawaii law firm on your side. Talk to our respected Honolulu injury attorneys today.

Introducing Mr. Glenn Honda, The Founder And Owner Of Recovery Law Center

I am attorney Glenn Honda, and I welcome the opportunity to answer these and other critical questions in a free initial consultation. I will review your insurance policy and address any special concerns you face after a pedestrian accident or a motor vehicle accident.

At my Honolulu law firm, Recovery Law Center, my capable legal staff and I look forward to helping you cope with a difficult situation. We tend to feel that our clients become part of our family during the process of recovery from an accident. We work with tourists, business travelers, members of the military, and their family members. Even if your case presents complexities, we are up for the challenge. See our Testimonials page for a sample of what we regularly hear from satisfied clients.

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I call myself a mobile lawyer because I am willing to come to your location as needed. You may be at the scene of an accident, in an emergency room, in a hospital room or at home. Your injuries may make it difficult for you to visit our law office and your car may be wrecked, leaving you without transportation. This is not a problem when you reach out to our Honolulu military injury lawyers at Recovery Law Center.

Initial consultations are free. In most cases, we will represent you on a contingency basis. This means lawyer’s fees will be due after — not before — you recover compensation for your injuries and losses.

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