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If you’ve been in an intersection accident, you may deserve financial compensation. Work with the experienced car accident lawyers at Recovery Law Center.

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Lawyers Handling Intersection Accident Cases

Intersections are dangerous places where crashes can occur. If you are hurt in a crash, you probably have physical, mental and emotional injuries. You shouldn’t have to suffer from these injuries without compensation. Our lawyers can represent you.

Let our experienced lawyers answer your questions and handle your claim. We can:

  • Investigate who has legal fault, beyond what the police or the other party may say
  • Gather proof of legal liability and your right to compensation
  • Determine the full extent of your damages and the likely value of the case
  • Prove that your injuries and damages are the result of the accident
  • Respond to defenses raised by other parties
  • File legal documents and speak on your behalf in court, if necessary
  • Negotiate your compensation
  • Guide you through the decision making process and how to resolve the case

We’ve seen the harm and devastation that being hurt can take on victims and their families. That’s why Recovery Law Center focuses on representing victims in compensation claims. The payment you receive can help with medical bills and household expenses. It can recognize your pain and suffering.

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Intersection Accidents and Your Right to Compensation

Why do accidents occur at intersections?

An intersection is a place where vehicles can turn from their path of travel. It’s also a place where different paths of travel must take turns. Here are some reasons that accidents occur at intersections:

  • Disobeying a stop sign or stop light, violation of the right of way
  • Speeding through a yellow or red light
  • Rear end collisions for vehicles stopping at the intersection, following too closely to a vehicle in front
  • Secondary chain reactions that push a vehicle into the intersection
  • Vehicle malfunctions including brake failures
  • Turning left at an intersection in front of other traffic
  • Poor road design, obstructions and a lack of signs directing traffic
  • Trying to drive around another vehicle
  • Attempting to make a turn when the view is obstructed
  • Vehicle racing, drag racing

Fault for an accident at an intersection often depends on who had the right of way. It may depend on witness testimony, video, vehicle data recording and accident reconstruction. While the police report may be helpful, any determination of fault in the report is not necessarily final, complete or accurate. Our lawyers undertake a full investigation, focusing on who has legal fault and how to prove your right to compensation.

Types of intersections

There are multiple types of intersections in Hawaii that vary in size and function.

  • Four-way intersection with stop signs and stop lights. Vehicles travel in four directions and meet in the middle
  • T intersection, where one lane of travel proceeds with the right of way while other vehicles may turn onto the main thoroughfare. An example is merging into a road from the end of a driveway
  • Major highway interchanges, which can be quite complex with exits that merge into new lanes of travel
  • Roundabouts, where drivers merge into a circular path to exit onto connecting roads

The dangers at an intersection vary based on its design, any visible obstructions and the traffic served by the intersection. Our lawyers can assist with accident reconstruction to determine what factors caused the accident.

Do I have the right to compensation for an intersection accident?

Most vehicle accident claims are based on negligence. Negligence is the fault of a driver failing to use sufficient care to operate their vehicle. A claim may also be based on dangerous road design or a manufacturing defect with the vehicle.

A lack of reasonable care may be the basis for compensation. If you’re hurt by the negligence of others, they should cover your financial losses and compensate you for your suffering.

We can help you bring your claim. Contact us now.

Experienced Representation. Legal Representation for Victims.

Recovery Law Center is dedicated to helping victims receive fair compensation for their injuries. We want to ease the burden of the legal system and provide the experienced representation that gets results.

Here are some reasons that people choose Recovery Law Center to assist with their compensation claims:

  • Our founder, Glenn Honda, brings more than 25 years of experience. He has carefully built a legal practice to have the team and resources to meet the needs of victims
  • The law firm focuses only on helping victims. This focus makes the difference in intersection accident claims
  • We handle cases throughout Hawaii. Wherever you need us, we are here to help you
  • Our team understands the technical details of investigating accidents that occur in the intersections. We have a network of accident reconstruction professionals, and we carefully build all the evidence necessary to pursue your case
  • We are proud to represent Hawaii residents and visitors to our state
  • Through the years, we have been recognized with various honors and awards including Lawyers of Distinction, an AVVO 10.0 rating and the American Jurist Institute. These honors reflect our commitment to our clients and our advocacy for your rights
  • Communication is important with our clients. It’s our policy to have an open door and communicate with you directly throughout the case
  • Consultations with our team are always free. Get answers to your questions and see how we can help you with no obligation

We invite you to come get to know our team and see how we can help you.

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