Moped Accident Lawyer in Waipahu, Hawaii

Mopeds are a popular way to get around in Waipahu, but they can also be dangerous. Mopeds are small and offer less protection to riders. Motorists who aren’t careful run the risk of striking and seriously injuring riders, sometimes fatally.

Were you hurt in a Waipahu moped accident? Hawaii law allows moped drivers to seek compensation to help cover the cost of crash-related expenses such as medical costs, lost wages, moped damage, and pain and suffering. However, it can be difficult to persuade the insurance company to provide a fair payout. An experienced moped accident attorney can fight for the results you deserve.

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Are Mopeds Legal in Waipahu?

Mopeds are legal in Waipahu and throughout Hawaii. They are generally treated the same as motorcycles under the law, with a few notable exceptions. For example, mopeds are permitted on streets, but not freeways. If a bike lane is available, moped riders are encouraged to use the bike lane along with bikers and scooterists.

Do You Need a License to Drive a Moped in Waipahu?

moped drivers licenseYou must have a valid driver’s license if you wish to operate a moped in Waipahu. If you only plan to drive a moped, then a Class 1 license will suffice, though you can legally operate a moped with any class of driver’s license.

Drivers under 18 are required to pass driver’s education training. Out-of-state licensed drivers must be at least 18 years to drive a moped in Hawaii legally.