Most common mistakes you should avoid if you suffered from a Personal Injury in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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  1. Not get immediate medical treatment. Getting medical attention is the most important thing if you suffered injuries during an accident. It is also important for your injury claim to have proof of your injuries.
  2. Not calling the police. The other party involved in the accident might ask you not to and convince you they will take care of all of the damage without getting the police or the insurance companies involved. Truth is, you will need a police report as evidence to prove that the accident happened.
  3. Not following through with medical treatment. Medical records are vital for your case, in order to back up your injuries, if not, as far as the adjusters, your injuries never happened.
  4. Not seeking guidance from an expert personal injury lawyer. The insurance companies will contact you and will want to take a recorded statement. You should get expert´s help when dealing with the insurance companies. A Hawaii licensed personal injury lawyer from Recovery Law Center has many years of experience with many cases and will get you a great settlement for your injuries.
  5. Settling prematurely. You need to make sure your settlement includes the entire treatment you received. Your medical provider can provide you with the details even if the treatment needed extends for years. This information is important for adjusters to consider when offering a settlement.
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