What Should I Keep in My Car in Case of an Accident?

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What to Keep in Your Car in Case of a Car Accident

What to Keep In Your Car in Case You Are in a Car Accident

No one ever leaves home thinking they are going to be in a car accident. But it’s always important to be prepared for one, especially because the moments after a wreck can be especially chaotic.

One of the best ways to stay prepared is by having an emergency crash kit in your vehicle. A well-stocked accident kit can protect your safety and make the moments after a crash less stressful.

But what items are necessary in a car accident kit? The legal team at Recovery Law Center has compiled a list of the most essential items for you.

Car Insurance and Registration

Hawaii is a no-fault auto insurance state, which means you’ll have to go through your own insurance company to claim compensation after a crash. Keep your insurance information and registration handy. If law enforcement is called to the scene, they will want to see these documents. You should also exchange this information with every other driver involved in the accident.

List of Emergency Contacts

You’ll need to contact many people after a crash, such as 911, law enforcement, your insurance company, family members and possibly a personal injury attorney. Keep a list of names and numbers in your car accident kit to save time. It’s also important to keep a separate list in case your phone is lost or destroyed in the crash.

Notebook and Pen

During the days and weeks after a crash, you may have trouble remembering the details about what happened. Having a notebook and pen in your kit will allow you to jot down relevant information that could be important in a future car accident claim.

Warning Signs

A car accident might leave you stuck in the road. Even if you are able to move your car to the side of the road after a crash, you should get roadside flares or hazard signs to place around your car to decrease the likelihood of a secondary crash. A flashlight is another important safety tool if the accident occurs in the dark.

First Aid Kit

First aid kits allow you to provide basic medical treatment until paramedics arrive on the accident scene. Crisis agencies like the American Red Cross sell auto first aid kits that are tailored with items that can be especially useful after a collision.

Water and Snacks

If an accident occurs on some of Oahu’s more remote routes, you may have to wait some time before help arrives. Having water on hand will ensure you remain hydrated during this time and snacks can help keep energy up. However, it’s essential not to force food or water onto a critically injured person, as it could cause complications if surgery needs to be performed.

Warm Clothing

Even though the climate in Honolulu is warm and beautiful year-round, you may experience symptoms of shock after a crash. One sign of shock is feeling cold or clammy. Having warm clothing nearby will help ease the symptoms of shock. Many first aid kits contain emergency blankets to help retain body heat.

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Attorney Glenn Honda understands how stressful the days, weeks and months after a car accident can be. Our legal team can handle all communications with your insurance company to pursue maximum compensation for you.

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