What Should You Do After Sustaining a Spinal Cord Injury

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The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves transmitting signals from your brain to the rest of your body. Because it is responsible for this crucial communication, any accident that causes a spinal cord injury should be taken seriously.

But what should you do if you believe you suffered a spinal cord injury? The following steps can protect your health and legal rights after an accident in Hawaii.

Seek Medical Attention

Seek medical attention immediately if you believe you suffered an injury to your spinal cord. Prompt medical treatment may help minimize the long-term effects of the injury or prevent further damage.

Contact a Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

A spinal cord injury may cause temporary or permanent paralysis, making it impossible for victims to gather evidence or interview witnesses at the accident scene. Hiring an attorney means an independent investigation can begin immediately. While you undergo essential medical treatment, your legal team can collect the evidence needed to build a strong personal injury claim for you.

A spinal cord injury lawyer can also notify the insurance company of the accident for you. Some insurers require notification within a few days of the incident, but you may be in no condition to do it yourself.

Keep Copies of Your Medical Records and Receipts

Every spinal cord injury is a complex one. You can expect to receive extensive medical treatment, testing, and rehabilitation. Keep every bill, receipt, and record of co-pays you make for your accident-related expenses. This information can help a lawyer place a value on your claim and argue for maximum compensation later.

The Cost of a Spinal Cord Injury

A spinal cord injury costs more than just your medical bills and missed wages. If you are paralyzed due to your injury, you may not be able to work again, placing your financial future in jeopardy.

Also, a spinal cord injury could severely impact your quality of life by preventing you from participating in many activities you once enjoyed. You may need round-the-clock nursing care and home health services. A spinal cord injury lawyer can tell you more about the costs of these injuries and how you might be able to recover compensation for your losses.

Can I Sue for a Spinal Cord Injury?

If you suffered a spinal cord injury in an accident you did not cause, you likely have grounds for a lawsuit. However, you may have some legal hurdles to jump through first, especially if your injury results from a motor vehicle accident. Hawaii’s no-fault car insurance laws prevent victims from filing a lawsuit unless they meet a certain threshold. Talk to an attorney to learn if you have a valid legal claim.

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