Top 5 Distractions That Could Lead to a Fatal Accident

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Commonly, people become distracted during most of the activities they attempt to perform. Whether these distractions last momentarily or for an extended period of time, they can have a considerable impact on a situation, especially if an activity requires complete focus. You may find yourself dealing with distractions on a daily basis, and with some of those instances, you may not have realized you put yourself at risk.

When it comes to distracted driving, even a moment’s distraction could place you and other travelers in harm’s way. Unfortunately, distractions lead to numerous fatal car accidents every year.

Common distractions

Though nearly anything could act as a distractor, some common distractions exist that contribute to a considerable number of fatal accidents. The top five distractions include:

  • Reaching for objects – Drivers and other vehicle occupants often bring items into their vehicles for various reasons. In some cases, drivers will attempt to reach for those objects to use, to catch from falling or to readjust. This action accounts for 2 percent of fatal car accidents caused by distracted drivers.
  • Passengers – Though many people have multiple passengers in their vehicles at any given time, these other occupants could easily act as distractions. They may try to take the driver’s attention away from the task by making conversation or trying to show the driver something. Reports indicated that 5 percent of fatal crashes result from this distraction.
  • Outside distractions – The goings-on outside the vehicle can also pose considerable distractions. Pedestrians or other individuals outside the car may catch the driver’s attention, or a car accident or other event may result in a driver taking his or her eyes off the road in order to get a better look. Outside distractions lead to 7 percent of fatal crashes.
  • Cellphone use – You likely already assumed that cellphone use would land high on the list of distractions. This distraction lands in this second highest spot when it comes to distracted driving causes and leads to 12 percent of fatalities in such accidents.
  • Wandering mind – The leading cause of distracted driving relates to a driver’s mind simply wandering off the task of operating a vehicle or getting lost in thought about another topic. Drivers can easily begin mulling over an issue unrelated to driving, and before they realize it, they may have forgotten to pay attention to their driving and contribute to the 62 percent of fatal accidents caused by this distraction.

Dealing with an accident

If you have lost a loved one due to a distracted driver or have suffered serious injuries yourself, you may wish to consider seeking compensation. Information on wrongful death and personal injury claims may help you determine whether taking legal action may suit your circumstances.

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