Safety Tips for Bicycling in the Hawaiian Rain

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Many travel agents recommend tourists to visit the Hawaiian Islands in October. The weather is not too hot, and you generally have lower rates for flights and hotels than the other months. For bicyclists, this feels like the perfect time to go since they will have more of the island to explore by themselves with reasonable weather.

However, October marks the beginning of the state’s wetter months. While there is not as much rainfall as November or December, it might catch bicyclists off guard and put them in harm’s way. Before you plan your tropical biking trip, you should arm yourself with knowledge of how to prevent any major injuries that can occur from biking under some stormy clouds.

Bring the right equipment

If you have your own ride down in Hawaii, you need to have the right gear for your bike and yourself. Jackets, cycling caps and waterproof gloves and shoes can keep you dry and maintain your body temperature so you can avoid getting too cold to the point where you get sick and lose control. You also need to check your chains and tires after the rain to take off any mud or excessive water that could impact your next ride.

Watch out for streams and rivers

No one can blame you for wanting to explore the more natural parts of the island. However, you might want to save exploring the outskirts or rivers of the state for a sunnier day. Hawaii is highly prone to flash flooding, and all it takes is one storm for the water in these areas to dramatically rise in height. It is not worth trying to cross these areas with stormy conditions. Keep a close eye on the news to see if there are warnings of flash floods in nearby roads so you know where to avoid.

Keep yourself visible

Like any pedestrian on the road, you need to let other motorists on the road know you are there with them. Brighter jackets can help you stand out, but the key parts to get are bright lights for the front and rear of your ride. Car drivers have significantly less vision and reaction time in the rain, so you will need a bright light regardless of how dark it is or how much rain is coming down.

With how much pedestrian accidents have increased in the Aloha State recently, you need to take as much precautions in the rain as you can to protect your ride from the stormy hazards and impatient motorists. If you are hit and injured by someone despite all the preparation you made, a personal injury attorney can help you file a claim to ensure that you can recover safely.

Glenn Honda

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