Premises Liability: Shopper Sues After Alleged Injuries

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When shoppers visit stores in Hawaii, the last thing on their mind is suffering a serious injury. However, hundreds of customers are injured each year due to the negligence of property and business owners. Premises liability laws were put in place across the United States to protect all those who lawfully visit stores and businesses. Premises liability means that a property owner can be held legally responsible if visitors are injured by hazardous conditions or negligence by the property owner and/or the party in possession.

A shopper recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against a Home Goods store in another state over allegations that dangerous conditions in a store he was visiting led to injuries. The man says he was shopping in the Home Goods store when he encountered a transparent easel that had been installed in the floor. Allegedly, the defective condition of the easel caused the man to fall.

According to the lawsuit, the fall resulted in spinal and back injuries to the plaintiff. The man claims he has accrued a large amount of medical expenses as a result of the injuries, and will incur future expenses due to ongoing treatment. The plaintiff says he has also had to endure lost wages as well as pain, suffering and embarrassment. He seeks damages in excess of $50,000.

Although accidents can be unpredictable, the odds of accidents occurring can be greatly reduced by taking a few basic precautions. When hazards in a store or business lead to injuries, property and business owners in the state of Hawaii can be held legally responsible through a premises liability claim . A successful claim can result in well-deserved compensation to help victims recover from the pain, suffering and humiliation often associated with accidents like this.

Source:, “See-through easel on floor tripped man at Home Goods, lawsuit says“, Nicholas Malfitano, April 20, 2018

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