Pedestrian Accidents: Young Girl Injured in Honolulu

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Due to Hawaii’s warm, tropical climate, citizens have the privilege of enjoying outdoor activities almost year-round. For many city residents, walking is a healthy and economical way to commute and navigate around streets congested with traffic. However, with so many vehicles and pedestrians in the same vicinity, pedestrian accidents are almost certain to happen.

In Honolulu, a young girl was recently injured in an accident that happened as she was crossing the street at a busy intersection. According to reports, the girl was attempting to cross the street in a crosswalk when she was suddenly struck by a car. The mother of the girl said her daughter had told her that she was going to go to a playground located across the street. The mother claims that she witnessed the entire incident.

The mother says she watched in horror as the impact of the collision threw her daughter on top of the car and the car’s windshield. Police were called to the scene and an accident report was filed. Unfortunately, the girl suffered a sprained ankle as well as a concussion and bruises. The mother says her young daughter is recovering at home.

These types of accidents seem to be happening more frequently as cities such as Honolulu become increasingly crowded. Fortunately, plans are underway to install things like traffic signals that could help to prevent some pedestrian accidents. Hawaii citizens can pursue damages for injuries suffered due to negligence in pedestrian accidents. A successful lawsuit could provide victims with vital compensation to help with medical expenses and other costs accrued due to injuries.

Source:, “Kailua mother watched in horror as daughter hit by car in crosswalk, demands safer intersection“, Brigette Namata, April 12, 2018

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