Medical Evaluations Essential for Claims After Auto Accidents

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Medical Evaluations After Auto Accidents in Hawaii

No one can prepare for the shock of a car accident. Feeling disoriented and confused in the moments after a crash is normal. But you need to deal with various matters related to the collision, such as collecting insurance information from the other driver, talking to police officers, calling a towing company, and reporting the accident to your insurance company. With so much to do, people sometimes overlook one crucial thing: their health.

The adrenaline rush and shock you experience after a collision can sometimes mask the signs of an injury. Some types of car accident injuries, like cuts and broken bones, are usually evident immediately. Symptoms of other kinds of trauma, like whiplash, internal organ damage, and traumatic brain injuries, might not show up until later — but they can have lasting consequences. See a doctor regardless of whether you feel hurt to protect your health and a potential legal claim.

Purpose of the Medical Exam

Medical exams are essential for several reasons. First, not all injuries are immediately apparent. A typical example is whiplash. You might feel like you have a mild neck strain, but whiplash usually becomes more painful in the hours and days after the accident. While whiplash might not appear on X-rays, a doctor can order imaging tests to rule out other neck injuries. The right diagnosis can ensure you get the treatment you need.

During the exam, your physician will evaluate you for other injuries you might not have noticed. They may order diagnostic tests like bloodwork, urine cultures, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to rule out specific internal injuries.

There’s another reason you’ll want to visit a doctor after an auto accident. Medical care is expensive, especially if you suffer serious injuries. The physician will document the injuries on your medical record, which provides evidence linking your injuries to the crash. To recover compensation, you must prove that your injuries resulted directly from the accident.

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions After an Accident

If you receive precise treatment instructions from your doctor after the crash, follow them. Ignoring your doctor’s orders could harm your health and your injury claim.

For instance, attend physical therapy appointments if your doctor recommends weekly sessions. If you fail to do exactly as your physician prescribes, the insurance company may question your commitment to getting better or argue that you’re not as hurt as you claim to be. This could delay, diminish, or lead to a denial of your injury claim.

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