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Hawaii is a beautiful place to explore by bike. Unfortunately, it can also be a dangerous activity to do in urban areas like Honolulu.

Four cyclists have been killed in Hawaii bicycle accidents so far this year, according to the most current data from the state Department of Transportation. All of those crashes occurred in Honolulu and Honolulu County.

Fortunately, officials recognize that even one death is too many. That’s why the Honolulu Bicycle Program was created. The goal was to create bikeways for people of all ages and abilities, with paths situated away from the busy roads in Honolulu that provide people with a safe place to ride.

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Why Bike Lanes Matter

bicycle lane safety in hawaiiAn increasing number of Americans who live in busy cities commute to work by bicycle. While it was once thought that more cyclists on the road would force drivers to slow down and be careful, a recent study found the opposite to be true.

According to the researchers, the safest cities are the ones where the infrastructure itself is bicycle-friendly. Specifically, that means cities with separated and protected bike paths. Fatalities decreased anywhere from 38 to 75 percent in cities with added bike lanes and safety programs, the study showed.

Protected bike lanes are dedicated spaces that separate bicyclists from motorists. The Hawaii Bicycling League notes that protected lanes are distinct from a sidewalk, using physical barriers like planters or curbs to separate the cycle track from the roadway.

Protected bike lanes can prevent:

  • Cars from slamming into neighboring cyclists
  • “Dooring” accidents, where a motorist opens the vehicle door into an oncoming cyclist
  • Sidewalk collisions involving bicyclists and pedestrians

Keep in mind that riding in protected bike lanes does not make you immune to a bicycle accident in Hawaii. If you’re riding in a lane that is level with city traffic, you will still need to be mindful of intersections, driveways, and alleyways.

Bicycle Riding Safety Tips

All bicyclists should know basic safety tips that will help keep them safe. These include:

  • Inspect your bike before every ride to ensure all parts are in good working order.
  • Always wear a bicycle helmet.
  • Equip your bike with lights and bells to alert motorists of your presence.
  • Wear brightly colored clothing so drivers will see you.
  • Do not use headphones, a smartphone, or anything else that could become a distraction while riding.
  • Always use hand signals when turning, stopping, or slowing down so others can predict your movements.
  • Always obey the rules of the road, as cyclists carry many of the same responsibilities as drivers.
  • Yield to foot traffic.
  • Plan your route in advance and know the challenges you may face along the way, such as busy intersections.

Following these tips will not only help keep you safe but can also protect a legal claim if you are ever injured in a bicycle accident in Honolulu.

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