Faulty Footwear Can Cause Accidents

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Hawaii offers a wide assortment of landscapes for residents and tourists to walk on. People can see breathtaking views of the sunset after taking a stroll on the beach or hiking up a mountain and receive memories that can last for a lifetime.

However, many drivers also decide to change their shoes to fit with their activity. While it is completely understandable if someone were to take their flip flops to walk on the beach sand, it is not recommended to go behind the wheel in them. Drivers should be aware of the risks that the following footwear can bring to the road.

Flip flops

Flip flops and sandals are common around Hawaii given the consistently warm temperatures year-round. Socks and shoes can be inconvenient in this type of weather, so it feels comfortable to open up your feet to feel the sun and ocean breeze.

Though it is legal to drive with flip-flops in the state, it would not be a good choice to do so. Flip flops can easily fall off the driver’s shoe and fall underneath the brake or gas pedal, making already tough circumstances even more difficult. Most flip flop wearers are also slightly slower when it comes to the breaks, which can make all the difference in a state with plenty of traffic and pedestrians.

Heavy boots

Hikers feel a little more comfortable driving than flip flop wearers given their shoes have little to no chance of falling off their feet. It gives them less of a need to pack an extra pair of shoes when they decide to explore a local forest or mountain.

Unfortunately, they drastically decrease your feet mobility when driving. They are much more difficult to move between the gas and brake pedal, and their weight can put a strain on your foot as you avoid trying to go full throttle on the gas.

Bare feet

Like flip flops, it is not illegal to a driver with bare feet in Hawaii. It can be irresistible to join the rest of the residents and feel the sand, grass and concrete between your toes. However, police are still on the lookout for these negligent motorists from the hazards they bring to the roads. Barefoot drivers will have a much harder time applying pressure to the brakes in their state and could easily have their feet slip off the pedal.

It’s not to say that residents should not go barefoot on the beach or leave their flip flops at home. Instead, they should bring a separate pair of usable driving shoes to put on when they get in the car. Avoiding this simple safety precaution can be dangerous to the drivers themselves and other residents roaming on the roads of Hawaii.

Glenn Honda

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