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Pedestrian accidents can have tragic consequences. If you were hit by a motor vehicle in Hawaii, you might be eligible to pursue compensation from the responsible driver. This money can pay for your medical treatment, offset any lost wages, and help you start rebuilding your life.

The attorneys at Recovery Law Center work to secure justice and financial security for individuals injured in Honolulu pedestrian crashes. If you’re hurt and wondering how to make ends meet while you heal, our attorneys can review your case and explain your legal options in a free consultation. Call or contact us today to speak with a pedestrian accident lawyer.

Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

Many pedestrians suffer serious injuries after a collision. Your priority should be getting medical treatment for your injuries, so call 911. If possible, take these additional steps:

  • Get the name, contact information, insurance details, and vehicle registration number of the at-fault driver.
  • If the accident was a hit-and-run, write down anything you can remember about the car that struck you, such as its make, model, color, or license plate number.
  • A description of the driver also helps.
  • Take pictures of your injuries and the crash scene.
  • Seek medical attention as soon as symptoms of an injury appear.
  • Get a copy of the police accident report.
  • Save your medical records and other accident-related documents.
  • Do agree to give a recorded statement to the insurance company without consulting an attorney.
  • Hire an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer.

Don’t worry if your injuries prevented you from gathering evidence from the accident scene. You could still have a valid legal team. A Honolulu pedestrian attorney can begin investigating your case as soon as they’re hired.

Hawaii Pedestrian Accident Statistics

Pedestrian accidents accounted for 27 percent of Hawaii traffic fatalities in a recent year. Statistics from the Hawaii Department of Transportation reported 25 pedestrian deaths that same year, with 19 occurring in the city and county of Honolulu. Other data from the Honolulu Police Department indicates that 18 of the pedestrians killed in traffic accidents were not using a crosswalk at the time of the collision.

Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are often injured by drivers who are:

  • Impaired by alcohol or drugs
  • Distracted
  • Fatigued
  • Speeding or driving too fast for conditions
  • Violating right-of-way laws
  • Making unsafe turns

Proving Liability for a Pedestrian Accident

Before pursuing compensation for a pedestrian crash, you must identify the liable party. Most of the time that is the driver of the car that struck you. However, other parties could be at fault, including:

  • Another driver
  • A city government or municipality
  • Private property or business owners
  • Construction companies
  • Rental company of tourist vehicles
  • Auto manufacturers

In addition, there are cases where pedestrians are legally at fault for causing a crash in Hawaii. Jaywalking or ignoring “don’t walk” traffic signals at intersections are examples. Still, drivers have a duty to prevent harming others. Working with a lawyer can maximize your pedestrian accident settlement after a collision.

How to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian

Here are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe while walking in Hawaii:

  • Avoid distractions like talking on a cell phone, texting, or listening to music.
  • Wear bright clothing at night to increase your visibility.
  • Only cross the street at intersections or marked crosswalks.
  • Check traffic multiple times before crossing the street.
  • Walk when crossing the street. Do not run.

What Are Your Rights as a Pedestrian?

Hawaii law specifies that pedestrians have rights as road users, particularly at crosswalks. Drivers must yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk and wait for the pedestrian to pass them before proceeding. Furthermore, drivers cannot pass vehicles that have stopped so a pedestrian can cross.

However, pedestrians also have specific responsibilities under state law. You are generally not supposed to cross a street away from an intersection or marked crosswalk. Additionally, pedestrians who cross a street outside an intersection or crosswalk must yield to any vehicles on the road.

Contact a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Hawaii Today

Pedestrian accidents can result in catastrophic injuries and disabilities that last a lifetime. You deserve compensation if you’ve been hurt. Call or contact Recovery Law Center to speak with a trusted Hawaii pedestrian attorney. The first consultation is free.

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