Discovery: Disclosing Information During a Personal Injury Case

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If you believe that another driver caused the auto accident that led to your injuries, you can file a personal injury claim against that individual. This process can take many steps, and understanding the different stages involved with the proceedings may allow you to feel more at ease as your case moves forward.

Once you have filed your claim and the legal process for the trial begins, a discovery process takes place. During discovery, you and your legal counsel disclose relevant information to the opposition. Read on for more information about the three ways discovery typically happens.

Written discovery

During the written discovery phase, the defense provides questions for you to answer. This action allows the necessary parties to learn your account of the events and your claims. The questions may request a broad spectrum of information or more specific details pertaining to the situation. If you feel that certain questions do not fit the circumstances, you can ask your attorney whether you should refrain from answering.

Producing documents

After written discovery, you will then disclose any documents relating to the case, such as medical records pertaining to your injuries, bills, police reports and witness statements. The other party may also request additional documents.


The final type of discovery involves depositions, which require individuals to answer questions posed by an experienced attorney. A court reporter will transcribe the depositions for the record. This part of the process can become lengthy depending on the case and depending on what questions the attorney asks and what he or she hopes to achieve.

During a deposition, it is often best to provide only enough information to answer the questions asked. Though you may want to give more detail, it may not work in your favor to do so. You should also stick to the facts. If you do not know the answer, you can simply state that you do not know.

Getting help

Because the discovery period of a personal injury case can prove time consuming and intrusive, you may question your decision to move forward with a legal claim. However, many individuals experience such feelings, and it often helps to know that you have help on your side. Obtaining the assistance of an experienced attorney could allow you to feel more at ease during the process from initial filing to getting the results you seek.

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