Couple Files Premises Liability Claim After Alleged Fall

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Sometimes, business owners or employees will neglect to care for or maintain their establishments, which could result in hazardous conditions for customers. Property under disrepair and foreign objects that are left on floors can obviously be very dangerous. Far too often, shoppers and patrons in Hawaii and across the nation are injured due to dangerous conditions in public places. Premises liability laws hold property and business owners responsible for the safety of lawful visitors.

A couple in another state filed a lawsuit after they say they were injured while dining at a restaurant. According to claims, the spouses were having a meal at the restaurant when they encountered grease on the floor. Allegedly, the wife slipped and fell due to the slick floors.

The lawsuit says the woman suffered injuries due to the fall. The husband was also allegedly injured when he attempted to catch his wife as she was falling, the lawsuit claims. The plaintiffs seek to hold the restaurant owners responsible over allegations that they allowed the hazardous condition to exist and provided no warning to patrons. The plaintiffs seek an unspecified amount in damages.

The owners of stores and restaurants in Hawaii should always provide a safe and welcoming environment for customers. When a person suffers injuries due to the hazardous conditions on a property, he or she may be able to pursue damages by filing a claim for premises liability. If successful, a lawsuit could result in vital compensation to help victims and families cover medical expenses and recoup any financial losses that may have occurred due to injuries.

Glenn Honda

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