Car Accidents: Police Continue to Crack Down on Drunk Driving

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Getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle comes with great responsibility and requires attention at all times, especially these days. Driving is a task that is often taken for granted and can be dangerous on crowded Hawaii roadways. Unfortunately, more and more people are choosing to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Drunk driving is incredibly dangerous, irresponsible, reckless and often leads to car accidents. The fatal consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol have prompted police forces across Hawaii to crack down on intoxicated driving.

On a recent week-long crackdown, police on Hawaii Island arrested a total of 24 motorists for driving under the influence. According to reports, eight of the 24 drivers were involved in a traffic accident and two were younger than 21 years of age. Reportedly, police on Hawaii Island have made 206 arrests so far this year compared to 176 arrests during the same time a year ago, a 17 percent increase.

Also, major accidents have decreased by almost 23 percent over the last year. Records say there were 212 major traffic accidents during this same period last year compared to 176 accidents this year. Of these accidents, only two have been fatal this year, compared to five traffic-related deaths at this time last year.

Police say they will continue conducting DUI patrols and roadblocks across Hawaii. Despite this encouraging process, drunk driving is still a major problem. Families who have suffered a loss due to negligence in car accidents can take legal action. Damages from a successful claim could help families recover any monetary losses that may have occurred due to such a tragedy.

Author Glenn Honda

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